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3 Mind Types

Learn about the 3 different states of the mind.

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Sattvic mind types tend towards being peaceful, pure, and decisive. TheyĀ are simple, harmonious, and compassionate.


Rajasic mind typesĀ tend towards passion, impatience and pride. They are energetic, talkative and full of ideas and big plans.


Tamasic mind types tend towards lethargy, confusion and indecisiveness. They are slow, and like to accumulate things.


What Mind Type Are You?

Take our MindĀ TypeĀ surveyĀ to discoverĀ what state of mind you are in: peaceful, passionate, or passive.

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The Relationship Between Your Mind TypeĀ and YourĀ Svabhāva

Everyone has a predominant mind type as per their Svabhāva (inborn nature). The mind type fluctuates between peaceful sattva, passionate rajas, and passive tamas, affecting theĀ SvabhāvaĀ in different ways.Ā By cultivating practices toĀ increaseĀ sattva, you experience more balance.

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Sattvasizing Your Senses

Dr. Joshi will assess your state of mind byĀ exploring various aspects of your life.Ā She will present a series of options from which a plan will be co-created to bringĀ your mind into a peaceful (sattvic) state.

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