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Change Your Mind in 21 Days

 Get an overview of key Vedic Psychology concepts from the four parts of the mind to managing fear, and anger. Learn how to rewire your brain to be happy.

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21 Modules


Video Lectures

Approx. 3 Hours

$199 one-time

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Instructed by Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji
& Dr. Joshi


Course Outline

The Vedic Psychology foundations course includes 21 video lectures by Babaji accompanied by practical exercises taught by Jessica to bring the teachings into your daily life.

1. Welcome 

2. Characteristics of the Mind

3. Understanding Your Mind Type

4. How to Balance Your Mind

5. The Four Parts of Our Mind

6. Manas

7. How to Manage Manas

8. Ahankara

9. How to Manage Ahankara

10. Chitta

11. How to Manage Chitta

12. Buddhi

13. How to Manage Buddhi

14. Personality Type

15. How to Deal with Difficult People

16. How to Break a Habit

17. How to Deal with Fear

18. How to Forgive

19. How to Deal with Grief

20. How to be Happy

21. What is Love?

What to Expect

Expert Faculty

Meet Babaji, the creator of the science of Vedic Psychology, and Jessica Richmond, the pioneering Vedic Psychologist.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Precious pearls of timeless wisdom from the Vedic scriptures that help you understand the subtleties of the mind.

Video Lectures

Lectures by a world-famous guru, Babaji, and Vedic Psychology Coach, Jessica Richmond.

Practical Exercises

Take the teachings beyond the screen and apply them to your daily life with practical exercises.


Course specific handouts that help take your learning deeper.

Foundational Building Blocks

Get an overview of the foundational concepts of Vedic Psychology through Babaji's systematic explanation of each part of the mind.


Ayurvedic Health Counselor

I write this with immense gratitude for all that they have taught me.

‚ÄúChange Your Mind in 21 Days was grounded in traditional study and has allowed me to take the vast concepts of Vedic Psychology and focus them on my individual needs. As teachers Babaji is generous, dedicated, inspiring, and articulate. Jessica offers beautiful and thoughtful insights and practical application to introduce grand ideas into daily practice. This has enriched my life, changed my relationships, and made me more thoughtful and capable in my practice of helping others on their Ayurvedic path.‚ÄĚ


Change Your Mind in 21 Days

$199 one-time

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‚ÄúOur whole life functions on the basis of our mind. Our feelings, thoughts, decisions, behavior, personality, and reactions are all guided by the four parts of the mind. In order to find happiness and fulfillment in our life, it is crucial to understand our own mind and the mind of others.‚ÄĚ

- Babaji

Power of The Feelings Wheel

Willi explains how using the Feelings Wheel enabled him to connect with a business colleague in a more authentic way. His use of the Feelings Wheel to identify and share his feelings inspired his colleagues to do the same.

Scroll down to get your free downloadable All Feelings Wheel.


Practical Resources

All Feelings Wheel

Use to express your feelings.



Change Your Mind in 21 Days

$199 one-time

Enroll Now

Deepen Your Vedic Psychology Experience

Pop-in Session

Perfect for those who need a 15-minute drop-in meeting with Dr. Joshi for guidance from a Vedic Psychology perspective.

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Creating Your Awareness Meter

Dr. Joshi will assess your predominant trigger feeling and then assist you in creating a practical tool so that you can manage your feeling before it manages you.  

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Sattvasizing Your Senses

Dr. Joshi will assess your state of mind by exploring various aspects of your life. She will present a series of options from which a plan will be co-created to bring your mind into a peaceful (sattvic) state.

$250 for 1-hour
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