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Vedic Psychology Study Group

Vedic Psychology is not just a philosophy: It's a way of life. Once you have listened to the Masterclass lectures, let's talk about the concepts with Dr. Joshi in a live, online study group.

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An Introduction to The Study Group

Live, Online Weekly Study Group Facilitated by Dr. Joshi (Jessica Richmond)

Each week, meet with our online study group from around the world to unpack the Vedic Psychology concepts that are presented in the free Masterclass. Taking the Masterclass is not a pre-requisite but it will enhance your learning experience. 

$99 monthly subscription 

Subscription includes 4 x 1-hour study group sessions every month.

  Study Saturdays

Starts Saturday, May 04, 2024 at 9:30am EST

"Finding Vedic Psychology was the best moment of my life. It has helped me understand my mind, and my samskaras and to heal my ego. I really recommend Vedic Psychology. It will change your life."

- Isvara, Content Creator and Yoga Teacher


Come Study With us!

Deepen your knowledge of Vedic Psychology with our online study group.

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What to Expect

Interactive Learning

Take a deep dive into the concepts through roleplaying and other interactive exercises with Dr. Joshi and your cohort.

Practical Application

Discuss how to apply the concepts from the Masterclass lectures to your own life.


Optional homework exercises will be given to raise your level of awareness of the topics discussed in each class. 

Who is the Study Group For?

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or a long-term client, take your understanding to the next level by systematically studying the concepts.  


For those who are new to studying Vedic Psychology and want to apply the concepts in practical ways.


For those who are well-versed in Vedic Psychology and want to understand the subtleties of Vedic Psychology.

Teachers & Healers

For those who want to apply the Vedic Psychology concepts to their clients and students.

Study Group Dates & Topics

The concepts from the Masterclass lectures will be analyzed and discussed systematically, one lecture per week, starting with lecture 1. Remember to view the Masterclass video recordings so you are prepared with questions ad discussion points before attending each week.

May 4: Class 1. Introduction to Vedic Psychology 

May 11: Class 2. States of Mind: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas

May 18: Class 3. Types of Empathy

May 25: Class 4. Deficiency Disorder & Mother Attunement

Jun 1: Class 5. Compassionate Empathy

Jun 8: Class 6. The Empathy Epidemic

Jun 15: Class 7. Lasting Effects of an Unattuned Mother

Jun 22: Class 8. Barriers to Empathy

July 6: Class 9. Radical Self-Acceptance 

July 13: Class 10. The Empathy Guessing Game

July 20: Class 11. Manas (1) - Seeing Our Feelings

July 27: Class 12. Manas (2) - The Heart-Sound Connection

Aug 3: Class 13. Manas (3) - The Nose Knows

Aug 10: Class 14. Manas (4) - Balanced Tastes, Balanced Mind 

Aug 17: Class 15. Manas (5) - The Power of Touch

Aug 24:  Class 16. Manas (6) - Emotional Hygeine

Sept 7: Class 17. Manas (7) - Sattvasize Your Senses

Sept 14:  Class 18. Manas (8) - Mind-Type Assessment

Sept 21: Class 19. Ahankara (1) - Definition, Characteristics & Difficult People

Sept 28: Class 20. Ahankara (2) -  Difficult People types: Know-it-All, Aggressive, Passive

Oct 5:  Class 21. Ahankara (3) - Difficult People types: Negative, Yes-Man

Oct 12: Class 22. Ahankara (4) - Self-Praise & Beating Boasters

Oct 19: Class 23. Ahankara (5) - Bitter Truths About Sweet Love

Oct 26: Class 24. Ahankara (6) - On Criticism

Come Study With us!

Deepen your knowledge of Vedic Psychology with our online study group.

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Deepen Your Vedic Psychology Experience

Sattvasize Your Senses

Dr. Joshi will assess your state of mind by exploring various aspects of your life. She will present a series of options from which a plan will be co-created to bring your mind into a peaceful (sattvic) state.

$250 for 1-hour
Consult with Dr. Joshi

Pop-in Session

Perfect for those who need a 15-minute drop-in meeting with Dr. Joshi for guidance from a Vedic Psychology perspective.

$99 for 15-mins
Book Session

Foundational Courses of The Masterclass 

These three e-courses taught by Babai are elaborated upon in the Masterclass by Dr. Joshi. 

The Dramas of Manas

Manas is our emotional mind that runs on a binary system of like and dislike. Learn about the characteristics of the moody manas that can get us into trouble if we are not aware of them!

$99 one-time
Learn More

Oh Ahankara! The Secret Life of the Ego

The nature of ahankara, our ego, is that it makes us selfish, proud, and jealous. Learn how our ahankara drives us to act in ways that are less than ideal. 

$99 one-time
Learn More

My Mother Myself

Learn about four different mothering styles, their characteristics, and their effects on the child's personality development.

$29 one-time
Learn More

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