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Defense Against Difficult People

Learn how to create calm with high-conflict individuals through the telling of an ancient Vedic story from The Hitopadesh. 

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14 Modules


Audio Lectures

Approx. 1.5 Hours

$29 one-time

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Instructed by Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji
& Dr. Joshi

Course Outline

1. Creating Calm with High Conflict Individuals

2. Codependents Are Very Vulnerable to Narcissists and Borderlines

3. The Codependent Vulture

4. Codependents Are Attuned to Others' Feelings But Not Their Own

5. Reasons Why Codependents Are So Vulnerable to Narcissists and Borderlines

6. More Reasons Why Codependents Are So Vulnerable to Narcissists and Borderlines

7. What State of Mind Do You Think the Vulture Was In?

8. What Are Barriers to Having a Sattvic Mind?

9. Know Yourself Well Means Knowing Your Mind

10. Cultivating a Sattvic State of Mind

11. A Sattvic State of Mind is Your Narcissist/BPD Repellent

12. Think About What Items You Might Like to Work on to Increase Your Sattva

13. Q&A

14. Guided Meditation for Cultivating a Sattvic State of Mind

What to Expect

Expert Faculty

Meet Babaji, the creator of the science of Vedic Psychology, and Jessica Richmond, the pioneering Vedic Psychologist.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Precious pearls of timeless wisdom from the Vedic scriptures that help you understand the subtleties of the mind.

Audio Lectures

Audio lectures by world-famous guru, Babaji, and Vedic Psychologist, Jessica Richmond.


Supportive visuals to enhance audio lectures.

Practical Exercises

Take the teachings beyond the screen and apply them to your daily life with practical exercises.


Recorded Q&A sessions from the live participants.

Group Discussions

Discussion prompts and live group discussions from the live participants.


Defense Against Difficult People

$29 one-time

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Stay Peaceful within Yourself

Practical Resources

5 Barriers to a Sattvic Mind

Do you have of these barriers?



Defense Against Difficult People

$29 one-time

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Clever Communication

Bring your challenging situations and learn strategies to navigate communication with difficult people. Have them eating out of the palm of your hand. 

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Sattvasizing Your Senses

Dr. Joshi will assess your state of mind by exploring various aspects of your life. She will present a series of options from which a plan will be co-created to bring your mind into a peaceful (sattvic) state.

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