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Vedic Psychology Groups 

You are not alone. Join one of our Vedic Psychology groups. 

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Online Group Sessions with Dr. Joshi

We have created two different Vedic Psychology groups to deepen your learning. Explore the group options to find which one is best suited for you.

  1. Study group - for serious students.
  2. Inner Circle Therapy group - for courageous clients.


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Study. Practice. Heal.

Vedic Psychology Study Group 

For Students

Dig into the masterclass concepts with Dr. Joshi, and your cohorts in our live, online study group. Take a deeper dive into these potent teachings.

$99 monthly subscription

4 x 1-hour meetings/month

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Inner Circle Therapy Group

For Clients

Uncover relationship dynamics, get constructive feedback, and practice empathy and conscious communication in a group setting facilitated by Dr. Joshi. 

$199 monthly subscription 

4 x 1-hour meetings/month

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"Being in the group sessions, I felt that Dr. Joshi was understanding what I wanted to say. It made me really confident and I find myself so much aware."

- Nayansri

Meet with Dr. Joshi

Things may come up as you learn about the mind. Meet with Dr. Joshi to talk about your insights and how to apply them to your life.

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