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What to Expect

What I have found over the last 15 years as a psychotherapist is that the common denominator among most of my clients is a longing for love - to give love and to receive love.

Therapy with me is a process of opening your heart and sharing your life stories. We do deep digging into your feelings and sometimes faulty logic around those painful stories. Over time we work together to re-write your story. What emerges is a new story, one in which you are seen, and you feel understood and loved. 

And this becomes the story then that drives your life. A life in which your decisions are driven from a place of giving love instead of being a hungry beggar for it.

- Dr. Joshi

Empathy in Action

Person-Centered Approach to Healing

In my practice, I employ a person-centered therapeutic approach, grounded in compassionate empathy which translates to unwavering unconditional positive regard for each individual I work with.


Meet with Dr. Joshi

Individual Consultation

Meet with Dr. Joshi to talk about anything on your mind. Whether it is stress and struggles related to work, relationships, parenting or your spiritual path, rest assured, Dr. Joshi has got you covered. She will hold a safe space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Feel understood and validated by her compassion and care for you.

$250 for 1 hour
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Dealing with Difficult People 

Get a Game Plan

Share with Dr. Joshi about the difficult person in your life, and she will help you to understand their mind and motives for why they do what they do. Walk away with practical tips you can implement right away to navigate the relationship with grace. Have them eating out of your hand instead of biting off your head!

$250 for 1 hour
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Conscious Communication

Relationship Consult

Great for two to talk tricky topics through! Dr. Joshi guides you and another person through the Conscious Communication technique she created to help people to better listen to and understand each other's hearts. 

$300 for 1 hour
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Pop-in Session

Get Quick, Actionable Insights

Things may come up as you learn about the mind in the Masterclass or our e-courses. Or maybe you just have a quick personal question. Perfect for those who need a 15-minute meeting with Dr. Joshi for swift guidance from a Vedic Psychology perspective.

$99 for 15-mins
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Client Testimonials

Insights from those who matter most: Explore testimonials from our valued clientele.

The Power of an Attuned Therapist

"World Maternal Health Day has me reflecting...During our NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) stay with our infant, Leo, the staff tried to transfer us to another hospital (during the pandemic) and I was a mess. At midnight I contacted my therapist Jessica for an emergency session and she guided us through it so we could stand up for ourselves. I was so grateful for her immediate response.

With my pregnancy with our second son, Rocco, I took more of a preventative approach, having regular sessions during and after his birth with my amazing therapist, Dr. Joshi, who helped me through all my various worries, joys, frustrations, and postpartum swings.

Having a great therapist is more important than setting up a nursery. A mother’s mental health directly impacts the mental health of her baby. We cannot fully attune to our baby if we are distracted by triggers going unprocessed."

- Lauren, Wife, Mother of two precious boys, and Ayurvedic Chef Extraordinaire

Unique Therapy Blends East And West

"What really drew me to Jessica was her understanding of both Western methods of therapy as well as other Eastern or Vedic systems of therapy. I really think that her interest in Vedic Psychology and the Vedic arts is something that is so unique and different from what the other therapists I've seen do."

- Dr. Josh, Ayurvedic Counselor, Licensed Acupuncturist


Inner Child Work

"The deep work on my inner child has given me clarity on my past and why I perpetuate patterns. This work has made me a better, more strong practitioner, friend, and family member."

- Janelle, Occupational Therapist, Ayurvedic Consultant, Vedic Psychology Teacher

Anxiety & Addiction

"I worked with Jessica to overcome anger management issues and a 40-year addiction to marijuana that was used to self-medicate for anxiety. All of the relationships in my life have improved because of the skills and techniques that I have learned from Jessica." 

- Janaki, Masters in Sanskrit


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Meet with Dr. Joshi. Whatever you want to talk through, she is all ears. Give it a try.

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