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Watch Dr. Joshi’s recorded video lecture series showcasing the wisdom of Vedic Psychology.

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Unveiling The Secrets of the Mind

Listen to the Masterclass recorded video lectures in which Dr. Joshi reveals the secrets of the mind that Babaji has so generously taught her over the last decade. 

What to Expect

Video Lectures

Recordings of Dr. Joshi's 28-part lecture series on the building blocks of Vedic Psychology - including student's questions and Dr. Joshi's responses.

Lecture Slides

Deepen your understanding with downloadable PDF slides to match the lectures. 

Course Outline

This Masterclass series taught by Psychologist, Dr. Joshi, takes a deep dive into her guru, Babaji's, core teachings on Vedic Psychology. Babaji graciously took the time to individually teach Dr. Joshi all about her own mind and that of others. Watch as Dr. Joshi takes you on an adventure to get an up close and personal view into the nature and characteristics of manas (emotional mind) and ahankara (ego). In these classes, Dr. Joshi also weaves through teachings on the connection between mother attunement, empathy, and spiritual progress.

Class 1. Introduction to Vedic Psychology 

Class 2. Three States of Mind: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas

Class 3. Three Types of Empathy

Class 4. Empathy Deficiency Disorder & Mother Attunement

Class 5. Compassionate Empathy

Class 6. The Empathy Epidemic

Class 7. Lasting Effects of an Unattuned Mother

Class 8. Barriers to Empathy

Class 9. Radical Self-Acceptance 

Class 10. The Empathy Guessing Game

Class 11. Manas (1) - Seeing Our Feelings

Class 12. Manas (2) - The Heart-Sound Connection

Class 13. Manas (3) - The Nose Knows

Class 14. Manas (4) - Balanced Tastes, Balanced Mind 

Class 15. Manas (5) - The Power of Touch

Class 16. Manas (6) - Emotional Hygeine

Class 17. Manas (7) - Sattvasize Your Senses

Class 18. Manas (8) - Mind-Type Assessment

Class 19. Ahankara (1) - Definition, Characteristics & Difficult People

Class 20. Ahankara (2) -  Difficult People Types: Know-it-All, Aggressive, Passive

Class 21. Ahankara (3) - Difficult People Types: Negative, Yes-Man

Class 22. Ahankara (4) - Self-Praise & Beating Boasters

Class 23. Ahankara (5) - Bitter Truths About Sweet Love

Class 24. Ahankara (6) - On Criticism

Class 25. Ahankara (7) - Competition

Class 26. Ahankara (8) - Lack of Awareness

Class 27. Ahankara (9) - Blaming & Rationalizing

Class 28. Ahankara (10) - The Blame Game

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Includes the free masterclass course recordings and downloadable lecture slides. 

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Masterclass Preview


Masterclass on Empathy

Lack of empathy makes it difficult to make an emotional heart-to-heart connection. If you can't feel what others are going through, it makes it easy to be critical of them. Empathy starts with yourself. For if you can't have empathy for your own struggles, how can you expect to have it for anyone else?

"There is no excuse for not taking these classes. I really recommend for everyone to take and put to use in your own lives."

- Jaya Krishna Das


Take the Free Masterclass

Includes the free masterclass course recordings and downloadable lecture slides. 

Take Free Masterclass

Hear it Straight from Babaji

The Grandmaster behind the Masterclass Material

Dr. Joshi's Masterclass covers three main areas in depth: manas, ahankara, and empathy. Babaji lays the foundation for these concepts in these three Vedic Psychology e-courses:

  1. The Dramas of Manas
  2. Oh Ahankara! The Secret Life of the Ego
  3. My Mother, Myself

The Dramas of Manas

Manas is our emotional mind that runs on a binary system of like and dislike. Learn about the characteristics of the moody manas that can get us into trouble if we are not aware of them!

$99 one-time
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Oh Ahankara! The Secret Life of the Ego

The nature of Ahankara, our ego, makes us selfish, proud, and jealous. Learn how our ego drives us to act in less than ideal ways.

$99 one-time
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My Mother Myself

Learn about four different mothering styles, their unique characteristics and benefits, and their effects on the child's fundamental personality development.

$29 one-time
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