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Your nature is your God-given superpower.

In Sanskrit, svabhāva means your nature, disposition, or your inborn tendencies. Knowing your svabhāva helps you to understand yourself so you can align with your strengths. Acting from this place of natural ease, one experiences true pleasure. For what is more pleasurable than sharing your gifts with the world?

The Uplifters

Sattvic Predominant Mind Type

The Uplifters are the academic types. They derive happiness from gaining and sharing knowledge. Their nature is to naturally uplift people by giving and receiving knowledge, in the form of being a teacher, student, or healer. 

Guru - गुरु

The Educator

Gurus are represented by the peacock because like a peacock, Guru types are very wise, adaptable, and sacred. 

Jigyasu - जिज्ञासु

The Lifelong Learner

Jigyasyus are represented by the crow because, like a crow, they are very curious, clever, and have an amazing memory. 

Vaidya - वैद्य

The Healer

Vaidyas are represented by the deer because, like a deer, Vaidya's are very sensitive, empathetic, and non-confrontational.

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The Movers & Shakers

Rajasic Predominant Mind Type

Movers & Shakers are driven by passion. These influential and dynamic individuals tend to make a significant impact in whatever they do. Movers and Shakers are usually in high-power positions and strive for power and wealth. They possess the drive, ambition, and determination to effectuate meaningful change and achieve their goals.

Chatur - चतुर

The Outsmarter 

Chaturs are represented by the jackal because, like a jackal, Chatur's are cunning, adaptable, and smart.

Karta - कर्ता

The Creator

Kartas are represented by the tailorbird because, like a tailorbird, they are very creative, quick, and intelligent. 

Neta - नेता

The Leader/ Manager

Netas are represented by the lion because, like a lion, Netas are very strong, and brave, and know how to motivate and manage others. 

Rajan - राजन्

The Protector

Rajans are represented by the elephant because like an elephant, Rajans are very resilient, social, and emotionally intelligent. 

Sahasik - साहसिक

The Adventurer

Sahasiks are represented by the cat because, like a cat, Sahasiks are venturesome, curious, and daring.

Udyami - उद्यमी

The Go-Getter 

Udyamis are represented by the tiger because, like a tiger, Udyamis are very powerful, ambitious, and enjoy engaging in debates.

For the Movers & Shakers

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The Supporters

Tamasic Predominant Mind Type

The Supporters derive happiness from performing service to others. They add value by enriching whatever they bring into people's lives. Whether it is through assisting, providing, entertaining, or connecting, without a doubt, the Supporter types have a real knack for bettering anything they touch.

Sahayaka - सहायक

The Assistant

Sahayakas are represented by the bee because, like a bee, Sahayakas are very detail-oriented and good at organizing events, maintaining schedules and correspondence for both the executives and customers alike.

Vadanya - वदान्य

The Provider 

Vadanyas are represented by the mother cow because, like her, Vadanyas are very abundant, nurturing, and benevolent.

Vidushaka - विदूषक

The Entertainer

Vidushakas are represented by the parrot because, like a parrot, Vidushakas are very smart, humorous, and entertaining.  

Yojaka - योजक

The Connector

Yojakas are represented by the golden retriever dog because, like a dog, Yojakas are very friendly, social, and affectionate.

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The Relationship Between Your Personality Type and Your Mind Type

Everyone is born with a core Vedic Personality Type, which we call as your nature, or svabhāva. These inborn talents can be affected depending on your state of mind which fluctuates between three states: peaceful (sattva), passionate (rajas), and passive (tamas). 

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